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3 Questions To Ask When Buying Diamond Engagement Rings


Have you finally made up your mind to marry her? If yes, then you probably want to make this a memorable event not only for her but also, for you. Well, if you are looking for a way to make a good impression on her, then you should know that a diamond engagement ring will work out fine. For quite a long time, these sapphire rings are the face of engagement rings but they do work as wedding rings too. Needless to say, the engagement needs to be a surprise for her and for this, you will likely need to work on your own to buy one.


This however should not worry you as there are actually some questions that can help you to find the best rings without spoiling your surprise.


Question number 1. How much you're willing to spend - this question is extremely important given the fact that it is often expensive to buy diamond rings. The choices are quite a lot too and it might be daunting to make choices when you don't know how much your budget is. By setting a budget for the ring you want to buy, it gives you a chance to narrow down your options and with that, get a ring that you can afford.


Question number 2. What type and styles of jewelry she prefers - as a matter of fact, you can learn about this easily by looking at the jewelry she wears. So for instance, take a look if she prefers sophisticated and feminine styles, modern or classic, simple or ornate, delicate or chunky, silver or gold and so on. These things are of important considerations which will ensure that you will be able to get a ring that she will truly love.


Question number 3. What is the size of ring - there's nothing that is more frustrating than proposing to her with a ring that is either too big or small for her finger. Thus, it is crucial to know the size of her finger in order to get the right fit. You can also use any ring that she wears as a reference for the inner circle or perhaps, press it on a bar soap to get an impression.


Find answers to these 3 questions when buying a diamond engagement ring at this online jewellery for her and rest assure that you will be able to find the right piece of jewelry for her at price that you can afford.